Local Markets


If you enjoy a riot of colour, fresh produce & lots of bustle set amidst medieval architecture then the markets of this area will delight you. There is a market held most days of the week where you can buy locally grown produce: fruits & vegetables bursting with flavour, more cheeses & olives than you ever thought possible, organic chickens, pizza`s, pate`s, preserves, sausages & wine. All the ingredients for a truly splendid picnic, barbeque or feast. 
Local crafts: baskets, pottery, jewellery & candles are just waiting to be snapped up and an abundance of plants & flowers only add to the colour & vibrancy of the market experience.

In addition each village holds a vide grenier, literally a "barn clearance" once a year. These markets can reveal some wonderful finds, bits of old china, glassware, linen, furniture and all usually for a snip.
Brocantes are the next level of market where prices rise with the quality of goods, leading up to the real antique markets where prices rise steeply. Dealers arrive early and there is serious business to be had, so don`t forget to haggle - it`s all part of the ritual !

Tuesday        Castelnau de Montmiral
Wednesday  Cahuzac sur Vere / Salvagnac
Thursday       Vaour    
Friday             Gaillac
Saturday        Cordes sur Ciel / Lavaur
Sunday          St Antonin Noble Val / L`Isle sur Tarn